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2009-06-22 11:08:04 by Nobodyman23

Yay! Im back from... not... being... here... Yeah.


My songs...

2009-04-12 11:13:08 by Nobodyman23

Yes. I know they both suck. They got screwed up when they were turned into mp3s, losing their flowing looping quality. Give some reviews so I can know what to do to make them better! I think I figured out the problem, whick will be easy to fix.


2009-04-02 21:03:22 by Nobodyman23

Yay back to normal!!! APRIL FOOLS FTW!!!

I like pie FTW!!!


2009-04-01 21:14:47 by Nobodyman23

This is the weirdest update ever. I know it is an elaborate april fool's joke, but still...

Just to talk.

2009-03-29 19:37:59 by Nobodyman23

I haven't finished any flash movies yet. The ones I made kinda suck, so I'm waiting to post them until they are good.

Random... again!!!

2009-01-10 22:33:56 by Nobodyman23

I ust tried Halo 2 on legendary... I died in literally 5 seconds. It was... strange.


2008-12-14 00:28:43 by Nobodyman23

I like waffles. They are really good. I have decided to enter a random comment.